How To Make Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Đầu bếp Kwame Onwuachi của Kith / Kin ở Washington DC đã có mặt tại Test Kitchen để chia sẻ mọi điều cần biết về cách làm kiểu Jamaica. Kwame tôn vinh món ăn mang tính biểu tượng của vùng Caribê này bằng cách tôn vinh lịch sử và phương pháp của nó, đòi hỏi phải ngâm nước muối và hun khói gà. Anh ấy tạo ra một loại nước sốt từ đầu với các thành phần như nước tương, cỏ xạ hương, ớt Scotch, tương me, quế, v.v. Cuối cùng, anh ấy phục vụ món gà giật với nước sốt thịt nướng đơn giản. Kiểm tra công thức tại đây: Đăng ký Munchies tại đây: Tất cả các video Munchies phát hành đầu tuần trên trang web của chúng tôi: Đói không? Đăng ký tại đây để nhận bản tin MUNCHIES Recipes. Kiểm tra để biết thêm! Theo dõi Munchies tại đây: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram: Pinterest: Foursquare: Các video khác từ mạng VICE :.

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  1. Segel Burgess

    Coming from a Trini man awesome vid man ..For the People who hatin on the vid…Can you post a video on how to make it better? Cooking is an art and everyone has there own taste/style to it. Man thanks for reppin the Caribbean.

  2. They don't brine the chicken in Jamaica.

  3. Eric Goodemote

    After you make this chicken, do the exact thing with pork ribs and make them in a smoker. Best ribs I've ever had in my life.

  4. Tyler Dalling

    Dude talking about people growing complacent just going to the super market and grabbing sauces that you can make at home off the shelf, then adds 3 cups of ketchup.

  5. I never had jerk chicken but I promise you I know I love it

  6. Thats not how i jerk my chicken 🤔

  7. Jamaica Is awesome Food, culture, music and people
    Mi love Dem (I am sorry my accent is bad) love from 🇾🇪🇪🇹

  8. Skull Stomper

    Green onion
    Welcome to 🇨🇳

  9. Does anyone know the ID of the cleaver he's using?

  10. rivolver ocelot

    Where dude from? He Jamaican? And yes it's important.

  11. Made this a week ago its was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. Cooking With SHERRISA

    New subscriber is in the building

  13. Cooking With SHERRISA

    Look delicious

  14. Cooking With SHERRISA


  15. Chiqui Villaroman

    He needs to have a show at food network , he is great and funny too !

  16. I can tell this dude knows what he's talking about and he definitely seems like a competent chef but I couldn't help feeling like he was being a bit lazy with the filming process; some ingredients he didn't name, and some parts he forgot to film doing. Understandable mistakes, just being a standard internet critic. And before y'all start some shit I know that nobody asked.

  17. EccentricWorld

    Why is Nigeria with a Yank accent showing pale stales west Indies cooking? Anything else they can take?

  18. ketchup ? you already added brown sugar, just use tomato and vinegear

  19. Keith Ashford

    I’m totally doing this on a turkey 👍🏾👍🏾

  20. brandon johnson

    Stop the fucking cap that's BBQ take jamaican off the title he not even jamaican so y the fuck he even doing this shit

  21. Loved the Videot

  22. The jerk i had in Kingston was finished in a pan on the grille and sprayed w redstrip when it tried to stick. Then afterwards that reduced beer spice burnt bits pan juice was poured on my chicken as a sauce. It was on of the best things ive ever eaten.

  23. Looks FN GOOD!!!. I would've used that lighter fluid 😕

  24. scotch bonnet is essential

  25. Enjoy it wit friends break bread real one

  26. Pascal Georges

    I need to know do I brine in the fridge or leave it out???

  27. Looks amazing

  28. Sukhdave Singh

    This dude should show some respect try cooking insted of swearing

  29. I've made this, just as he said. It is very, very, VERY GOOD!

  30. Anyone know if you can use a American smoker to make jerk chicken? Wondering how direct the heat has to be.

  31. Metthinda Desilva

    2:37 Jerk Chicken Lore [insert music "Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know – Trap by VelvetCasca"]

  32. Natalie Curtis

    Muchie I love your chicken recipes it IS delicious. this MY son telling you that your chicken recipes are amazing !!!

  33. Duder forgot allspice in his jerk paste.

  34. I’m ready to cook this 😋 my Jamaican brother made the best jerk chicken I ever tasted and I been hooked ever since

  35. Andrew Jackson

    Unsubscribed,.. he erases posts that don't line up with his beliefs.

  36. HotCrazyCatLady Me

    Take a shot every time he says "aromatic".

  37. Great recipe!
    Please don't apologize for sports analogies.

  38. NerdyBob Mahone

    Had to not only subscribe, but also to bookmark this video. I can't wait to spend a few days carefully putting this meAL TOGETHER. On sa winterday in New York., I am thoroughly impressed. Probably nearly a half century my junior, but this young man reminded me of my father. Kudos!!!

  39. Damn I haven't seen a person still claiming Straight Edge in a long time. The X tattoos and X hat. That's bad ass

  40. Matty 100%X35

    Damn son!

  41. Excellent video

  42. Kathleen May T. Surla

    I’m a Fan of Flavorful Foods I Would Love to Make this for my Mom and as a change from the usual chicken dishes we make.

  43. Carmen Pagano

    WOW! brother I love this recipe. I also love that you taught about our Taino heritage. AWESOME!!! I'm a fan

  44. I really liked this recipe! But when i compare it to other jerk paste recipes there is much more thyme in it! 1/2 cup in the jerk paste and in other recipes 1 tablespoon. How come?

  45. Anyone know what that jacket he wears is??

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