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  2. Excellent work ! Appreciate your insight.

  3. Shiba like doge is past it’s hype and will never be profitable again it’s trash

  4. Please apart from shiba inu. Which other coin is worth buying n keeping. With prospects like shiba.

  5. What do you do to tax?

  6. Steven Shumaker

    Lary I don't even understand Crypto. I started with 15 dollars into Cardona on Friday

  7. Astral Traveler

    You shoulduv just kept them on for the whole video. Just record your videos wearing those things every time.

  8. Astral Traveler

    Groovy, man. Looking psychedelic. Far outttt mannnnnn

  9. Von dutchess Von ducthess

    Uncle Larry you are just simply heaven sent I have learnt so much watching your channel I'm so addicted to it. Thank you so much much love from South Africa ❤

  10. 1st thx for all the knowledge you share, new here. How do I check on what I initially bought Shiba Inu for?

  11. Larry when you say crypto winter, do u mean how it’s down for 2-3 years or would you say the drop from may til October was winter, since I remember you saying winter is coming then

  12. Soothing Relaxing Music

    I'm going to drop a like, but would like to hear some examples on your convictions that you use to buy versus emotions. I understand the subject in general, but wanted to hear your version if possible.

  13. i bought my ETH at $1680 with Larry Jones! It took some time, but I own 1 ETH! good for my budget an experience – only been trading for 2 years, i learned it as a skill at the beginning of pandemic 2020.

  14. Hey Larry what are your thoughts on Baby Moon Floki and Floki Inu?

  15. What platform are you using to buy shib? I only have Coinbase at the moment for crypto

  16. Teklesenbet Gebreamlak

    Hi Larry lam new to the trade but l have been watching you for the week now you doing great job keep it up and l down load from your link the webbull so l need help which do you think l buy the stock

  17. Great content there Larry. Unfortunately I just found you like 2 weeks ago, but everything you say makes total sense , especially that we should not keep out money in the same "jar". The hard part is really starting and maybe you can help out with some advice, because it's easy to keep a diversified portfolio with at least 10K , but it's harder to do that with 1k. So what would your play be if you would start now with just 1.000 dollars + 5 dollars a day ? 🙂 How would your portfolio look like? I am really looking forward to diversify my portfolio but I tried to make a rule when buying, to buy a new coin for at least 100$. Have a great day there!

  18. Leugene Russel

    The market will be very Favourable now due to the rapid growth of Bitcoin which is $64k, The rich won't disclose it so don't be fooled, it's right time to invest, Christmas is on the way

  19. Living-well on-less

    Everybody needs to start investing, the economy we are facing is going to put a lot of people in a bad way. I am 65 and retired and I get a good pension but I can see every month it is worth less and less, I have only been in crypto about 3 months but I am glad I did!

  20. Thank you for your thoughts….your awesome…

  21. Adam The beatboxer

    buy Santa coin on pancake swaps it’s only 2 weeks old and Christmas is around the corner it might fly

  22. @Larry Jones Webull is only for US citizens.Some of your subscribers are living in Canad ,Europe,even Africa.

  23. 🔥🚀🔥🚀🔥

  24. hello uncle Larry

  25. Thank you for sharing these tips! Passive income was a dream for our parents, and it's cool to see it's something we can achieve today. Hit 130k today pioneered by Expert Bernice 🙌

  26. Hello Larry, I’m from India following all your videos for the past 1.5 years. I learnt a lot about stocks from ur videos. Can you please let me know what do you think of Dogelon Mars? Can you please make a video on it?

  27. This is still a very good time to invest in Shiba Inu, and indeed other coins with the potential to do well in the future. Don't sleep on it.

  28. jake ankrah omari

    Hi Larry Jones I started investing last month and I think am late to the party. And your vedio is helping a lot

  29. DC Maryland Virginia North & South Carolina Tv

    Low Cap 💎 ‘s
    Newest NFTs

  30. Mediocre Tutorials and Reviews →_→ YouTuber

    People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

  31. Thank you Larry! Bought with you at $1700

  32. Dylan M. Michael


  33. Lord Lord! Uncle Larry always serving some goodness. The thing is there's something nice about you. It's clear you come with the intention to help people. God bless you for that

  34. Stealth Leopard

    Yo Uncle Larry, how long did the $2400 turn into $53,000? Was it a few months?

  35. Disney Duggar Vaz Raposo

    Hi Larry I like you channel. Your explanations and examples make easy to understand. What do you know about Afrostar??

  36. All of a sudden everyone is trying to invest in “a coin” 😅

  37. Hi Can you review Dogelon Mars Please

  38. heidi oliveira

    Oh dear Uncle Larry just thank you for YOU 🙏🏽

  39. Barbara Rodarte

    Larry first time watching your video,…. love your kind, honest soft soul approach relaying the information of knowledge and wealth! God Bless!

  40. Ok unc hit them with the Dwayne Cleofis Wayne shades… most don’t know

  41. Kenzie McKenzington

    I would so hook up my mom with a guy like Larry.. smart.. true Christian.. an a level headed individual… please he could teach me the plays on the low lol

    Uncle Larry we love you! Keep doing God’s work!

  42. I'm actually tired of worrying about stocks…it's driving me nuts these days,I think crypto investment is far better than stock..


    Just started following you. I'm glad I did.

  44. Colton Beard7769

    Hey Larry do you have a Twitter so I can keep extra up to date I love watching your videos and learning about crypto you help a lot

  45. Roberto Martinez

    I'm diggin' those shades, bruh.

  46. Vincenzo Visone

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  47. Carlton Powell

    Hello Larry question what's the best way to buy saitama I looked at l bank but a lot of bad reviews thanks

  48. I literally lost everything in my shiba account ,this is not for the weak . I’m Still going to invest into shiba but I will be very diligent when it comes to it. Glad I Invested in other stocks and other crypto.

  49. Great video Larry! Started following you maybe 6 weeks ago. I have learned so much from you in a short amount of time. Thank you for your heart and passion for people!

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