How to make a mummy – Len Bloch

Xem toàn bộ bài học: Như bất kỳ ai từng nhìn thấy đều biết, các linh mục cổ đại đã gặp rất nhiều rắc rối để tránh . Nhưng họ đã thành công như thế nào? Len Bloch trình bày chi tiết về quá trình ướp xác và kiểm tra kết quả của nó hàng nghìn năm sau. Bài học của Len Bloch, hoạt hình của The Moving Company Animation Studio. .

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  1. The man stamping the boxes: Thats some weird looking box of fish but ok

  2. thank know i can make a mummy! 😀

  3. Onur Okudurlar

    Taxes are inevitable indeed😔

  4. Mummies:classified as salted fish cannibals: mmm salted fish

  5. גלעד סוירזנסקי

    Alternative caption: How to pickle a human body

  6. Kel'thuzzad Of Naxxramas

    I had mummified multiple ants, moths and mosquitoes in my childhood and interred them in wooden-block mortuary temples and tombs with paper murals.

  7. i think this is a repost

  8. Pharaoh: dies
    Priest: S A L T B A E

  9. I CANT ESCAPE AMONG US! 1:58 btw is in the right

  10. Rainier Fajardo Production

    If ancient egyptian were alive,They can make a delicious wel preserved corpse in Your local cannibal resto

  11. Priyanka Prajapati Arts

    Bruh ☠️😨

  12. Miriam Harkai

    I thought they kept the heart inside

  13. MobileGooseGamer

    Death and TAXES

  14. Aarush the amazing

    killer: thank you i was looking for a tutorial
    Me :the heck

  15. Moumita Pattanayak

    It helps me a lot thank u

  16. My teacher put this on in class

  17. Sonic Mods Stuff and More

    0:51 looking a bit SUS

  18. I wana do this =)

  19. Can i took the whole stock of all the coffins to store my bananas

  20. carvel phillip

    Wow 😳

  21. carvel phillip

    What the

  22. Hunter Lego vlogs


  23. ~Kawaii Rose~

    when they said salt- i was like…

    is this dinner??

  24. MagicWater794

    Ded people : salted fish 🤣😂😅

  25. No doubt Egypt makes tasty pickles

  26. Beomgyu’s favourite tomato 😃

    Human with salt = salted fish


  27. And then the Europeans decided that eating them was a good idea.

  28. 𝔎𝔈𝔑𝔒𝔖トーストの豆


  29. M i n t-I r i s

    Anubis in a chef’s hat brought me back from the dead

  30. 🪦Idiot-hed🪦

    Oh man, you guys made Anubis look so cute here!

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