How to Make Everything Chili with Tortilla Tops | Rachael Ray

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  1. Her Husban and Her childrens must give the thisgusting things she cook to eat
    I feel sorry fr her Husband and Her childrens.they eat poison cooker by her cooking every day for they eat

  2. If you follow recipe this cook and you eat this .You will die of cancer

  3. She is cooking on Shows .she it`s Just a picture taking and mixing eveything in front of the Camera

  4. This Chef to how cut meat she doesn`t knowhow to slice meat

  5. She doesn't know how to combine peppers.
    She's crazy.

  6. Risa's Kluttered Kitchen

    I love hatch Chiles too. At the end of August every year they sell them fresh in the supermarket here in NJ. Certain markets have their own festival and they roast them and sell them by the pound. I buy several pounds and freeze them.

  7. She made such a mess. How hard is it to sprinkle cheese?

  8. love chili xo

  9. Patrick Larry

    Looks good!

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