How to Make Cookie Dough Kulfi

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  1. Time to ask my mom to make this! Looks awesome! Any tips for alternative on milk solids? I can’t find any anywhere.

  2. cyanide bullet

    Love how you always use the "my war" lofi remix for all your kulfi videos

  3. Vivaan Chakravarty

    Yo btw….. kulfi isnt a Pakistani dish

  4. Rajith SrinivasK

    You're officially the god of kulfi.

  5. Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan wtf it is from india

  6. just a guy with bones

    The background music : attack on titan

  7. ♡._YiSaDeEzNuTz_.♡

    I love cookie dough omg you don't know how much I love it-

  8. Ur videos never get old..

  9. It cant be a Kulfi video without him saying the word THICC

  10. shashi kant Misra

    Kulfi is an Indian dish and is most popular in india

  11. It’s very scary how he bites the ice cream

  12. Love from India ❤️

  13. Its your cheat day a lot

  14. It's not just a popular desert in Pakistan. It's popular in Bangladesh and India

  15. Are you Muslim

  16. Kulfi is from india

  17. hunting of rock's

    Do you don't no the india?

  18. him: Kulfi is a popular dessert in Pakistan
    India: am i a joke to you?

  19. What does the fox say

    What are t he measurements for the cookie dough and milk?

  20. Does Kulfi melt like usual ice cream?

  21. InarYT DERS - RUS

    Plot twist: Every ice cream is popular desert in Pakistan

  22. Pirple_Death-brawl stars

    Everytime this dude cooks he makes me hungry even if I ate like two minutes before 😂

  23. People just wanna hear you say GULFFFHEEE

  24. Try berries and cream kulfi

  25. Daddy chill

  26. supa gamerz yt

    Also in infia

  27. you are literally milking the kulfi🤣🤣🤣

    that's a bad joke but there you go anyways.

  28. Jana likes to draw!

    Gully everyday:u know it’s my cheat day

  29. I Was A Saint

    More popular in India tbh

  30. Make kulfi lollipop

  31. Kulfi is Indian

  32. Are you from? I am

  33. shut the hell your mouth

    Butter chicken kulfi when?

  34. Why only Pakistan bro?

  35. Make ice cream kulfi

  36. what is your favorite kind of kulfi?

  37. Just making a little bit changes in your intro
    Kulfi is basically like ice cream and is popular frozen desert in Pakistan and Hindustan

  38. aaryan shoolingpa

    Clever use aot opening 👏

  39. Neutral Channel.

    You Remind me a Cheater…
    Everyday is your cheat day… Sh*t!

  40. Kulfis shape is not like that

  41. The music is attack on titan season 4 intro song

  42. lalalala babarias rattittititas titi babarias rattittititas babarias rattittititas titi rasttis rasttis ra tititit tas

  43. You should make Candi biscuit kulfi. The candi biscuit from pakistan.

  44. Is you’re cheating day every day

  45. The aot music :○

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