How-To Make Kombucha

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  1. Christopher Z

    I was thinking about Scoby Do

  2. Anton and Sinan

    You can grow it from scratch. Goodness, gotta do a video on this as it seems no English language videos have any idea how to grow scoby from scratch without the scoby or without kombucha liquid. Thanks!

  3. Hello, I know this is random but do you know how to package kombucha for longer shelf life without refrigeration? Thank you

  4. shizuokaBLUES

    Do you really need the starter tea?
    I didn’t know anything about Kombucha except that I tried, and I enjoyed it, and that I’m looking for ways to get a healthy gut biome.
    to make a long story short, an acquaintance passed a Scoby on to me and gave me her recipe; tea, water, sugar and the Scoby. I made it a week ago and it seems okay. But I never used any starter tea. After watching YouTube videos from kombucha makers, it seems I may have something dangerous brewing now.

    One week in and it’s not moldy and smells nice.
    should I take the Scoby out, throw out the kombucha I’ve brewed and start over with some kombucha starter tea ordered online instead?


  5. I regret jumping into this trend of kombucha making. It is a nuisance to continuously feed the scoby, and frankly if you aren't a frequent kombucha drinker, it is not worth the time and doesn't always taste good. They grow like crazy so I now have a kombucha hotel and I might just scrap it, and anyone who says scobys are edible is gross.

  6. Pianoo stufff✨

    My crush is a kombucha fan so here we are lmaoo

  7. Sadanand Padala

    She looks cute 🥰

  8. Where did you get your 1,000ml flask – it’s nice!

  9. That Scoby looks sick. Prob because your touching it

  10. How to make Kombucha: Put SCOBY into cooled sweetened black tea…… That's it guys thanks for watching!

  11. Who is here after jungkook

  12. Daniel Bertoli

    You can also use green tea.

  13. Julian's Thoughts

    Oh humans and their love of rotted foods.

  14. if you don't know anyone that has a scoby, you can buy one online or buy regular bottled and unpasteurised kombucha and grow a new scoby from it

  15. Zipporah Harry

    So what's the second stage of fermentation?

  16. The first thing i hear in this video is that it is a healthy drink, and then she added sugar, lol

  17. Veni.Vidi.Vici.

    Keep it in a dark space, such as cabinet

  18. Me: Hey dude. You free?
    Scoby: Nah man. I got a date tonight.
    Me: Alright. Lemme know when you're free. We gotta hang out.

  19. Why would someone EVER want to drink anything that smells and taste like vinegrette? wtf?….

  20. This Scooby is just like yogurt you can use it multiple time cool.

  21. I love how upfront she is about her skepticism of the bold health claims and awareness of typical consumers and commercialization of the product; I'm not sure exactly what the word is I'm looking for, but it like made me trust the video a lot more.

  22. is pressing the tea out of the leaves really that good an idea? more tannins… more bitterness… pls don't do that.

  23. Denise Corbet

    When she pulled it out… thats the most unhealthy scoby I have ever seen… and then she didn't add any starter fluid of the last batch and I knew why 😂 don't brew it like this. Please do your research and please add some liquid from the last batch.

  24. teruna bronson

    Lovely girl..

  25. First off, the word "Kombucha" is not Chinese. Kombu is Japanese for Seaweed. Kombucha is actually a tea made of seaweed and it is hot and savory. Japanese do drink a cold medicinal vinegar(I think the mix ratio was one part vinegar to 4 parts water). How the Japanese vinegar drink got mixed up with a hot seaweed Tea is any ones guess.

  26. Arthik Alexander

    Seems like a lot of sugar 🤔 is it really supposed to be healthy?

  27. Archangel Azrael

    You can buy one on amazon lol

  28. I wish I had a Chinese dad. Sounds lovely. Anyway, other than the Smurf shirt I love this video. They are little blue devils and I wish to stamp them out.

  29. Liam O'Riordan

    A guy who used to work here, cheers, so helpful

  30. Liam O'Riordan

    Why make a vid, when you cant find ingredients yourself!!!!? 🤔 🤔 🤔

  31. Jumbo XL Meat Man

    I need a scoby dealer 😂

  32. The scobi is to the kombucha,what a mother is to vinegar.

  33. Flight Therapy **BullisticFPV**

    "ya i think it likes to be touched"… pretty much sums up the level of scientific enquiry into kombucha lol live and let live but you can keep your fungal juice

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