How to Make a Slingshot Crossbow Pistol

Trong video này, tôi sẽ chỉ cho bạn quy trình từng bước cách tôi chế tạo nỏ súng ngắn có động cơ bằng cao su. Hy vọng các bạn sẽ thích video, hãy like, share và subscribe. #DIY #Survival #Slingshot #TargetPractice #Crossbow #Arrow.

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  1. Jafrin J Channel

    thank a lot for this tutorial..planning to follow next time

  2. What's the best wood to use on this build pls.

  3. How to make a slingshot cossbow ?? I don't see any plans all I see is a pair of hands and some wood !!

  4. Quá tuyệt


    imagine making one of these with pvc pipe , awesome video bro !

  6. ////सेवा/// /////सत्य/////

    ऐ,कहा,मिलता है

  7. This is sooo awesome love it ❤️ your a pure genius and excellent craftsmanship well done

  8. Muhammad asad

    Reload time?

  9. Amazing..good job

  10. Lovely work. Would be fantastic if you sold this as a DIY assembly kit.

  11. Hong son Doan

    nhất cụ .nhì tinh

  12. Nice design 👍

  13. Cornelio Ramon Boekhoudt

    Good job.

  14. 참 어렵고 복잡하게 만드네요.간단하게 하는 방법도 있는데~

  15. You are a Genius!! Unbelievable ! The time it took just to make up a homemade slingshot crossbow ! Of hours and hours of painstaking work etc ! Excellent ! 👍🏻

  16. Valdemar Luís Lebre

    Em Portugal eu não consigo encontrar esse tipo de elástico 🥺!!! Mas um trabalho espetácular….!!!!!!

  17. A very good way of making a gun manually.

  18. Jettingmarakmarak Marakmarak


  19. alexei gopher

    No fucked music … LIKE !!!

  20. canal antibiótico

    Muito boa

  21. David Nielson

    That is very impressive looking

  22. Create Your Own By Nick

    Hello from Bali Sir..
    I'm doing the same content like you did..
    Mostly about wooden gun..
    Recently… I got a lot yellow dollars.
    Have you experienced the same during you making the content?
    Because I'm doing research…
    About it.
    What actually happem..
    It is made of wood and a slingshot.
    Why yellow Dollar..
    Thank you

  23. Thisara Rupasinghe


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