How to make self-defense kit out of CANDY !!

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  1. When she said pink is the best colour when I hate pink

  2. I make it that candy it work last time thers a bad guy in my house it work

  3. Mariami Chogovadze

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  8. I made that it works

  9. Or or or, hear me out… you could just purchase a firearm, and have a little bit more situational awareness ( because it's not difficult to know when you're being stocked. It really isn't) and should you ever hear someone running at you really fast (usually it's night when someone would decide to kidnap a person) turn to face them, present your firearm, and tell them to fuck off. If they don't run away, then they WILL attack you and in that case, man the fuck up. AND POP A MOTHER FUCKER!, candy ain't gonna help you, bitch, a gun will. You will never, and I mean NEVER, beat an attacker in hand to hand. The only way you will win, is with overwhelming force. Hence, the gun. Who in their right mind would bet their life on a piece of fucking candy? Now. I get it. She could easily be joking, but somebody will take her seriously, and get killed because of it. If you cannot obtain a firearm legally, PLEASE, carry a pocket knife, or some kind of actual weapon.

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  11. Emma Love you Waite

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  15. William Miller

    I want this so badly but my parents will Say no

  16. Kidnappers taking notes dont kid nap girls with candy

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    I begged my dad to buy this candy and I made a self-defense kit and I took it everywhere when I want also pink is not the best color blue and green is the best color Amy roll your color is a loser color

  21. Imagine some kidnappers watching this.

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