How To Make Any Dress AMAZING | DIY Statement Sleeves – 3 Ways! (Plus Free Templates)

DIY Statement tay áo! 1.000 người đầu tiên sử dụng liên kết này sẽ được dùng thử miễn phí 1 tháng Skillshare: Tìm mẫu tay áo miễn phí tại đây: Mua các mẫu may của tôi: Đăng ký nhận bản tin của tôi: Sắp có hướng dẫn cho hai chiếc váy đầu tiên! Cảm ơn rất nhiều vì đã xem x Những điều đã đề cập: Mẫu tay áo miễn phí: Rosery Các mẫu may trang phục: Kéo cắt vải của tôi (sử dụng mã ‘roseryapparel’ để được giảm giá 10%): * Steele thương hiệu: Franfyne Instagram: Video cách cắt: Vải được sử dụng: Cotton micro floral: Vintage Green gingham seersucker: Vải nhung (không chính xác, nhưng tương tự!): Thiết bị được sử dụng: Máy ảnh: Canon G7X ii Máy may: Brother NS30 Overlocker / Serger: Singer 14sh644 Tìm tôi ở đâu: + Mua hàng: + Instagram: + Twitter: + Facebook: Disclaimer: Video này được tài trợ bởi Skillshare. * Liên kết liên kết. Điều này có nghĩa là nếu bạn nhấp vào liên kết và mua một mặt hàng, tôi sẽ nhận được một tỷ lệ phần trăm nhỏ từ giao dịch mua của bạn (bạn không phải trả thêm phí). .

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  1. Rosery Apparel

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  2. i love this sleeves where is the video of this dress ❤️☺️

  3. Hi Janelle. I love all your videos – thanks for your wonderful ideas and all the hard work that must go into producing these videos.
    I really loved the first sleeve, especially. I wonder if you could do a really long hem, like 4”. Then stitch the hem at the very top, and again, 1” below, to make the casing for threading the ribbon tie. I just thought it would a bit less hassle.
    Anyway, can’t wait to try some of these ideas and keep up the good work! X

  4. what pattern is the first dress?

  5. I’m from Brazil and recently I have started to watch sewings tutorials and yours are the easiest to understand. This lines that you put on the video helped me some much to visualize what I have to do and also put the measures in metros. Your calm way to explain and detail are simply the best. Thank you so much for your videos, I love it

  6. Mam superb. Third top meterial details plese

  7. Interested to know what you do with the loose ends of the shirring once all the rows are done? How do you tidy them up? Beautiful sleeves ❤️ x

  8. V. Mishra's art


  9. How was the bias binding made?

  10. pure imagination

    Your clothes are so cute. Like Little House on the Prairie 2021

  11. Wow can't wait to watch the tutorials for the dresses we haven't seen yet!
    Beautiful sleeves and a great video! 🙂

  12. Christie Ritten

    Beautiful. How do I hack the pattern(s) if I don't want puffiness at the shoulder?

  13. Another fantastic video! 👍🏻 My favourite is the middle one, but they’re all beautiful. It’s so good of you to tell us how to fit them into your existing patterns, and to provide a free template. You’re an absolute star! ⭐️ Deb x

  14. Chasing the Look

    Can't wait to see the full tutorials for these dresses!

  15. Have you ever considered teaching a sewing class through skillshare? I've learned quite a bit by watching your channel and I think you would make an excellent instructor on that platform as well.

  16. I love your sleeves.

  17. Love it so cute Janelle!

  18. Definitely excited to try the little puffy sleeve with the tie, so cute!

  19. Antoinette Russell

    Great video. I can't wait to try these sleeves out!

  20. Loved the first sleeve style!

  21. Sharon Brinders

    Wow Janelle just love all the statement sleeves on those beautiful dresses, but favourite has to be the 1st and last sets you sewed. You are totally blessed and I am blown away by your creative talent. You explain everything so easy. Thank you. Remain blessed xxx

  22. Thank you for your video and thank you for not calling it smocking….shirting and smocking are two completely different sewing techniques but so many Youtubers are using the term interchangeably……

  23. It seems so simple with you. Thank you for desecrating the sewing of such beautiful complex sleeves, and like Helen McD I have preferred the first one. Hi from France

  24. You should make shorts!!!
    A pair of shorts with the same fabric of the dress you are wearing in the video!!!!
    It could be nice to wear during the winter with tights!
    I enjoy your videos 🤗🤗

  25. I cannot wait for the first dress tutorial!! Thank you for giving inspiration!

  26. Wow thank you so much for showing us some more sleeve patterns we can use along with your dress patterns! I have made the willow dress so far and loved working with it as it was so easy to follow and watch your video while making it. Thanks again for these great vids and look forward to the next one!

  27. Thank you!!! I hope you will be releasing a pattern or tutorial for the green gingham dress, it is absolutely lovely!!

  28. Conquering Mount Scrapmore with Brenda

    So pretty and such great tips!! Thank you for sharing!

  29. So excited to try the sleeves of the first dress! Hope there is a tutorial coming for the rest of the dress 😍😍

  30. Another fabulous, easy to follow tutorial and a free template. Thank you so much Janelle ♥ I love the effect of shirring, it reminds me of my favourite clothes from the 70s.

  31. Oh my goodness you’re so professional on sewing. Love the colors💕👏🏼👍🏻

  32. I love everything you make Janelle! 😊

  33. Love love that dress

  34. Galia de la Rosa

    Just beautiful! I love puffy sleeves

  35. Gulmairam Sultanova

    So beautiful, thank you!

  36. 😍😍😍👌👌👌👌❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  37. Thank you SO much for sharing this video! 😍

  38. I love this video, thank you!

  39. I’m thinking I will finally try shirring haha! That second sleeve is so interesting!

  40. Brooklyn Shull

    This might be my favorite video… and I’m so excited for the full dress tutorials to come out too!! Thank you so much for the inspiration 😁

  41. Nicky Craddock

    Loved the second sleeve with the gathered forearm. Brilliant that you have thought to give a free extra pattern to 2 of your dresses. Makes the investment of buying each pattern so much more appealing. Fabulous. Thank you Jannel

  42. Super cute! I like the drawstring sleeve best though I don't usually like sleeves on my dresses because I wear a lot of cardigans and jackets. I love the ditsy floral print too!

  43. My favorite is definitely the tie up sleeves! It’s very hobbity and cottage core 😍 I’ll have to try it once I get some free time!

  44. I love how you teach skills that sort of "mix and match". It gives sewists so many options to be creative!

  45. Your yellow dress is so cute!!!

  46. Yasasri Piyumika

    Thank you so so much Janelle.. I watched each and every videos of yours and sew pretty things from your tutorial.. thank you so much for the inspiration ♥️ and keep up the good works going to try this soon💖

  47. Annapaola Salarolo

    Hi Janelle! Fabric, style, sleeves..everything looks lovely. I think my favourite is the micro floral short sleeve dress!! 😍 can't wait for the new video on this one in particular! 🥰

  48. Yes!! I was hoping you would release a sleeve pattern like this 😍 Will definitely be using it soon, I have some gingham fabric just waiting to be turned into something with amazing sleeves! ❤️🌿

  49. Sonia Bentancour

    Janelle, you make it really hard to choose a favourite! I love them all. They're all so perfect and adorable in their own right! BUT today's favourite will be the first one.. short sleeve.. had me intrigued the whole way through lol.. then the penny finally dropped lol. Thank you for the templates and thanks for sharing x

  50. Fiona Williams

    Love this! Definitely going to give them a go – What is the little tool you used to make the binding? I need that in my life 😍 Thank you ❤️

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