How to Make a Geometric Accent Wall Using ONE $8 2×4 | DIY Modern Slat Design Feature

Tôi đã thiết kế một bức tường hình học trong phòng ngủ chính của mình chỉ bằng MỘT tấm ván 2×4 được cắt thành nhiều mảnh! Bức tường nổi bật trở nên tuyệt vời và thêm rất nhiều tính cách cho căn phòng. Dự án này nhanh chóng và dễ dàng cho người mới bắt đầu. Mua Nệm lai Tuft & Needle: KGorge White Curtains: (mã giảm giá 15% MELISSAWOODS) Bộ khăn trải giường Cosy Earth: (mã giảm giá 40% CE-WOODSBLOG) Máy đóng đinh không dây Ridgid: Máy cưa bàn Dewalt: Lớp lót: Bộ lăn 4 “: Magnetic Stud Finder: Sơn là Sandbar White của Dutchboy Paint Bảo vệ tai 3M Pro-Grade: Mặt nạ hạt mịn: Mũi khoan Ridgid: Dụng cụ đánh bạc quỹ đạo ngẫu nhiên: Hợp chất chung: Caulk: Chổi quét sơn Wooster: Đèn cắm đồng tôi trên Instagram: #GeometricDesign

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  1. Terry Branham

    Accent wall alone just right

  2. Very beautiful the wall speaks for itself

  3. I would say the wall slats is your art. If you want to add some color, maybe you could get (or create) a large painting and cut it to fit in the openings between the slats. It could be kind of a "looking through a window" effect or maybe make it look like a stained glass window effect. Take a photo of the wall and use Photoshop to experiment with different looks.

  4. David Darnell

    I like the little extra color, that goes with the headboard. Btw you and Liam looked beautiful.

  5. Robert DeMilo

    Very creative and budget friendly design. I'd hang the picture though. I think it would contrast well with your geometric design. Use some of those 3M hanger strips that way you can add or remove it without any scars.

  6. You forgot to mention how much the table saw cost you. The title is misleading

  7. This is one amazing woman, excuse me while I go have a baby real quick then I’ll come back and finish this project. Where is the mattress made? Congratulations on the new baby.

  8. Hang the picture. That splash of color looks great on the all white wall. Great project and congratulations on the new born.

  9. Nicely done…. Love the picture but no above the bed. Wall looks to good to cover..

  10. Glenda LaBruyere

    Congratulations! No, the painting is beautiful but would look better on another wall. Lastly, the "L" in caulk is silent (rhymes with walk).

  11. cynthy bailey

    Accent wall only; no pic needed. Beautiful result!!

  12. Fashion Ranch Morgan Horses

    I have a question. Did you randomly cut the slats and then make the design to fit the random lengths of the slats or did you cut the slats as you went?

  13. good job kid…..too nice to put that picture up….find another place for it

  14. Fashion Ranch Morgan Horses

    I would not clutter the accent wall with the lovely painting but use it in another place where it can get the full focus that it deserves.

  15. TheJenafireShow

    I really enjoyed your video. Great work! I vote yes to returning the watercolor. I'm biased because that shade of blue is my favorite color but it also brings a splash of color to the wall while accentuating it. It doesn't overpower the wall design, both elements stand on their own without competing.

  16. Chantel Moore

    The wall is gorgeous! The watercolor doesn't take away from that at all and I feel it's more balanced too. Stunning and so cozy looking.

  17. Deborah Derden

    Love the wall but I have always wondered how you return a shrink wrapped mattress.

  18. Brandy Spencer

    Love the picture with the texture of the wall! This project turned out amazing!

  19. Wall looks great. Amazing work. Love your projects that you do ❤❤❤

  20. Saliya Ekanayake

    beautiful! I always avoid hanging things on the wall behind bed — if they fall for some reason while you are sleeping it's a mess 😀

  21. James Brosius

    Keep the painting, but, place on wall beside the bed. Also, you should finish the wall above and to the left of the door. It looks a little unfinished, I think.


  23. Archie Stringer

    The painting is a great piece…..that would go better somewhere else. The wall looks great. Less is sometimes, more.

  24. The Green Acre

    I love how the wall turned out and personally, I'd hang the painting somewhere else as the wall speaks for itself. Well done!

  25. No picture – let accent handle the style on its own. Picture can help a different wall.

  26. Crystal Kirkland

    Love the entire room and think you can’t go wrong with or without the art.

  27. Thomas Parrish

    Leave the picture down!

  28. Geeez you are scaring me :/ PULL the staples out of the tags on the ends of the lumber before cutting on the table saw. please be careful.

  29. Frank Deardurff

    Imho I’d add the watercolor back. It gives a nice pop of color and ties the head board Into it.

  30. Casper JRlive

    Rehang the watercolor painting

  31. Don’t put up the painting, that’s my opinion.

  32. Gosh great job I’ll have check out that mattress looks comply.

  33. Two of a Kind Home Design

    Love it! Especially because it only took one board. The accent wall speaks for itself. Loving the simplicity of just adding the 2 wall scones and the hanging plant.

  34. Great job. I vote yes to the painting. Adds another dimension to the accent wall.

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